Below is an outline of experience and links to published writing samples from Doubleday Entertainment, PR Newswire, Reflux PR, The Blue Lizard PR, The Village Voice, and Village Herald Community Newspapers.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Outline of Experience

Direct Brands, Inc. (Columbia House/Doubleday Entertainment) -- Interact with creative and marketing team to develop promotional-driven copy for audio-visual merchandise. Attend weekly meetings, review spec sheets, and pre-publication layout. Ensure the accuracy of copy and product information for apparel, crafts, CD/DVD’s, jewelry, figurines, fitness programs, electronics, children’s toys, pet products, and calendars. Create market-focused copy for Christian, spiritual, Sci-fi, and urban merchandise. -- Transition team copy coordinator -- Manage the copy flow for the discontinuation of 15 book clubs including: The Literary Guild, Architects and Designers, The Discovery Channel, Kids Book Planet, and Library of Speech Pathology. -- Contributing writer -- The Book of the Month Club.

Doubleday Entertainment -- Copywriter -- Conceive and write book-related marketing-driven promotional copy for two 24-page magazines in Behavioral Science, and Healthcare including full-length articles, taglines, teasers, direct mail materials, and enclosures. Maintain tight deadlines while working on several jobs simultaneously; assign and edit freelance assignments; input copy into an online copy database. Proofread copy at various stages of the production process to ensure accuracy.

PR Newswire -- Senior Editor -- Copy edit and proofread up to the minute news developments for global, national and regional organizations; provide comprehensive news targeting and distribution services for the media, investment community and general public.

Ad-Fax Media and Marketing -- Senior Editor/Assistant Managing Editor -- Managed editorial staff of seven reporters; set and maintained weekly deadlines; supervised budgets; schedules and increased production by 50%.

Richner Communications, Herald Community Newspapers -- Associate Editor/Journalist -- For 9 separate weekly editions covering southern Nassau County; develop and investigate ideas for hard news and feature articles.

The Blue Lizard -- Screenwriter/Associate Producer -- Wrote original screenplay for The Blue Lizard, an independent film by Fred Carpenter, starring Wings Hauser; script and continuity supervisor; proofreader; publicity coordinator for promotion; art director and web text editor. 2003 Best Picture winner of the Long Island Film Exposition.

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Monday, June 04, 2007

Sample Headlines

1. Navigate the peaks and valleys of a child’s bipolar disorder
2. Identify risk factors that lead to suicide around the world
3. Choose the best intervention options for clients with personality disorders
4. How to understand, and help change, the effects of weight bias
5. Build a better rapport with your clients through clear communication
6. Change the face of your client’s worry and anger with the latest treatments
7. Investigate new treatment options for abuse within intimate relationships
8. Explore the brain's capacity for healing through the accounts of traumatized children
9. Face the challenges of treating clients with schizophrenia and substance abuse disorders
10. Find out why mothers resort to killing their own children
11. Expose the myths of eating disorders through personal accounts
12. Make a difference in your career by menotring fellow nurses
13. Trace the structure and function of the human body
14. Increase longevity with complementary and alternative medicines
15. Conduct a solid patient interview with the newest techniques